Our Company

NutraFuels Executive Management team is group of experienced and seasoned professionals. Their collective experience, as well as, their ability to take products to market successfully and sustainably has produced nearly a billion dollars in sales at retail for consumer packaged goods.

  • Edgar J. Ward

    NutraFuels Founder

    Edgar was born and raised in Bermuda and now lives in Florida. In 1994 he became a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist with 23 years experience in supplemental nutrition. In June ‘98 Edgar accepted a position with J.P. Turner & Company, starting as an Account Executive. Through his diligence and hard work he was promoted to Vice-president of Investments. He effectively worked on NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, Small Cap and Micro Cap companies; raising capital through various investment vehicles, traditional and structured PIPE’s (Private Investment in Public Equity), SPOs (Secondary Public Offerings), and Convertible Notes. Then in January 2009 Edgar persued his passion in life founded NutraFuels and went into the business of manufacturing, marketing, fulfillment and distribution of NutraFuels nutraceuticals. With Edgar’s experience and knowledge in fitness, nutrition and supplementation combined with a network of resources and relationships, he feels the necessary pieces are in place to successfully manufacture, market, fulfill and distribute quality products with strong consumer appeal.

  • Neil M. Catania

    Executive Vice President

    Neil has over 33 years of institutional trading experience on the floor of the NYSE. Prior to co-founding MND Partners in 2004, Neil had been a partner and lead floor broker for Robbins & Henderson. Neil also was the managing director of floor trading operations at NatWest Markets and spent twelve years at Salomon Brothers as a lead NYSE floor broker. Neil currently serves as a floor governor, chairman of floor facilities, and NYX Arca board member. Neil resides on Long Island, NY, with his wife and four sons.

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